FreeStar Free WAV MP3 Converter 2.0

FreeStar Free WAV MP3 Converter 2.0

Free It is a program that enables you to convert WAV files to MP3
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FreeStar Free WAV MP3 Converter is a program for transcoding WAV files into MP3 audio. This converter uses the open-source Lame encoder, which supplies high-quality MP3 conversions. The compressed files can be easily loaded and played in most mobile devices and are also easily shared over the Internet.

This program allows you to select a number of files and batch-convert them. You will be able to select the desired output quality by choosing one of the four available quality presets (High, Optimal, Standard, and Economy Quality), which range from 96 to 256 kbps, and from 22 to 44 KHz. However, the settings referring to the sample and bit rates, and the number of channels converted cannot be customized.

One of the main advantages of this tool is its batch conversion capability. By using multithreading programming techniques, the conversion speed has been highly optimized, allowing you to convert a large number of WAV files in no time. Note that batch conversion processes will apply the same set of settings to all the audio files selected.

As a bonus, you can tell the program to shut down the computer once that all the processes are finished. This program can be run in Chinese or English, and you can customize the interface appearance by choosing any of the six available themes.

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  • It is free
  • It produces high-quality MP3 files in no time


  • The interface shows some functions that do not belong to this program
  • The program will only shut down by using the Exit option in the System menu



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